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Felicity posted a comment on Saturday 8th August 2009 7:28am for Untitled Chapter

I was actually afraid to read this at first, because I loved Pooh as a kid. But this was amazing, and you've captured all the characters so well. I enjoyed it a lot.

Saya posted a comment on Monday 2nd February 2009 9:22am for Untitled Chapter

Sniff... very sweet... I'm sure it would make more sense if I'd actually read Winnie the Pooh (and or if I'd actually watched something other than "Winnie the Pooh Corner" growing up - I never learned of Christopher Robin until I was in middle school!) but sniff... growing up stories always get me... (and oddly enough I got rather upset for Pooh that they had to keep taking his memories - if you're going to enchant a bear, the least you can do is give him his memories back when you're through! But we can blame that on me being home sick when I read this...otherwise I'm not sure why a 27 year old would be upset at a toy having its memories removed!)

Anyway - lovely little story...

joeBob posted a comment on Monday 21st July 2008 5:31pm for Untitled Chapter

Touching but completely out of Dumbledore's character.

Deric posted a comment on Saturday 3rd November 2007 12:23am for Untitled Chapter

I've read this three times in the past two years and each time I tear up.

Milne captured the sense of growing up and becoming a humnan doing rather than a child being. Adding in Neville points out how he, as well as Christopher Robin, could no longer be children and the longing every adult feels once they realize they wish their childhood and innocence lasted longer than it did.

I have read other stories where Milne bequeathed Pooh and co. to lonely children and the magic in them was renewed with each new companion. Or was that at the end of the first Pooh movie? Lord knows it's been forty years since I've seen it.

Only a minor criticism, I think it would have been more poingnant if it were Augusta and Algie to have enchanted Pooh and left Albus out of it completely. But, that's neither here nor there, and the story stands well as written.

Infin1x posted a comment on Friday 25th May 2007 4:37pm for Untitled Chapter

I am not sure what I think about this story. I am pretty sure I like it but am largely just confused by my thoughts toward this story.

Hoss posted a comment on Saturday 10th March 2007 11:36pm for Untitled Chapter

WOW! I did not so much read this story, as watch it in my mind. The flow click in immediately it was so well wrighten. Thanks so much.

Meg posted a comment on Friday 8th December 2006 9:55am for Untitled Chapter

This was awesome. I don't know why I hadn't read it before! You left me a sobbing mess at the end, for dear, sweet Neville.



Ken Warner posted a comment on Sunday 3rd December 2006 12:44am for Untitled Chapter

What an original concept - that they would use Pohh Bear as a sort of mechanical friend and benevolent spy to watch over Neville, who surely needed it a lot.
thanks for adding a new perspective to the "boy with a bigger heart than brain"

fhippogriff posted a comment on Tuesday 8th August 2006 12:17pm for Untitled Chapter

You took one of my favorite chapters in all of literature and added Neville. How much fun. I'm going to have to read it again to understand the bonding of Neville and Pooh. What was really done with all those memories taken from Pooh and put in the penseive? What an interesting take on "a bear of little brain".

I read the 2 Pooh books aloud to my kids when they were young, and I remember when I came to this chapter I had a hard time reading it and not crying. He's not going to be allowed to do nothing anymore. That horrible, world-changing realization of what it's going to mean to grow up. And it's so true. I see my kids now (teens) play with younger cousins in a creek, and they don't get the same enjoyment out of it that they once did. "Nothing" was once the goal, the special time, the way life should be. Now, "nothing" takes on a negative connotation--like there are no friends to hang around with.

You have a gentle way with Neville here (and Albus, too) just like A A Milne has with Pooh. You've got the same tone.

Thank you.

Jinshun Wang posted a comment on Friday 31st March 2006 10:31am for Untitled Chapter

Wow. Lighthearted, yet profound at the same time. While not saying much about the characters, a sense of WHO and WHAT they are is very pronounced, and adds a depth to it that is rarely found in the vast world of fanfiction. Bravo!