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Shane! posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd November 2011 6:34am for Surfacing

This remains a wonderful story. I'm really enjoying reading the chapters as they are posted and am looking forward to finally reading the second half of the second ending.
I do wonder about one change in this chapter. In the previous version Ginny declared her love to Harry and then said that she loves him even if he is sleeping with Hermione. Here you've added that perhaps she has fallen out of love with Harry and has met somebody else, plus sentences about how Ron and Hermione love one another. I don't understand what the goal of these changes are. The concise simplicity of her declaration (previous version) was powerful; I think her rambling (current version) is less powerful. What is the point of her emphasis of the relationship between Ron and Hermione?
I do like that you added material from the next chapter (previous version) to this chapter, since it makes sense to end with their arrival at Hogwarts.
Thanks for writing and posting and re-posting.
I hope that after you've finished with this story more material from YoR will be posted.
Best wishes.