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sfjoellen posted a comment on Saturday 27th December 2014 7:10pm for The Price Paid

I've read this before. That happens with the best of hp fandom, it gets recycled. It's a brilliant piece of work, worthy to sit with canon, in fact I like it better.. the characters are truer, the bad guys badder, and ron is worth something.

thanks for writing it, good writing is my last addiction.

Andrius posted a comment on Saturday 30th June 2012 5:40pm for The Price Paid

I recall reading this story before, and the fact that the "good" ending was incomplete. Does this version have the good ending or the first one, I wonder?

Lerris Smith posted a comment on Monday 28th November 2011 8:29pm for The Price Paid

This is excellent writing. Plot wise, I'm hoping that Hermione is okay...

Patches posted a comment on Tuesday 1st November 2011 12:35pm for The Price Paid

Thank goodness. At least Harry has saved Hermione. Ginny is upset because she is beginning to see that Harry is now more attached to Hermione. Harry is exhausted. At least there are others who care about Harry and Hermione there. I look forward to more of this story. Thanks for writing. pms