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darthloki posted a comment on Friday 28th September 2007 12:55pm for A Night For Magic

“The Beatles were right about love, you know.”
Dumbledore frowned. “I fail to see what insects have to do with the question at hand.”
Mr. Lovegood shook his head. “Dumbledore, only you could miss an entire decade."

Loved that!

GryffindorDragon posted a comment on Saturday 15th September 2007 10:34pm for A Night For Magic

'I fail to see what insects have to do with the question at hand' -- somehow that strikes me more as something Snape would say.
Heather is so cute thinking that they're all from outer space but thinking they're crazy for saying it's magic. LOL

The Midnight Poster posted a comment on Tuesday 11th September 2007 6:27am for A Night For Magic

Enjoying the Redux even though I sometimes haven't noticed even differences.

Just one questions about this chapter. I thought Tonks's Father was a muggle. If he is then why did he put away a wand along with everyone else?

Full_Pensieve replied:

Some of the differences are subtle, some merely editorial.  Though they are subtle, I am succeeding at reducing the number of open plot points, and that was the goal.

Ted Tonks isn't a Muggle; he's Muggle-born.  This was referenced back in Order of the Phoenix, when Sirius discussed the Black family tapestry with Harry.  In the YoR timeline, he was a schoolmate of Arthur Weasley and Odd Lovegood.


Mike [FP]