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Saphimire posted a comment on Wednesday 19th March 2008 3:35pm for An Evening On The Town

I really like this fic; it's really well written and everything. Just... Harry doesn't seem much in character - it's like he's on a constant rage. He has no actual intelligent thought. It makes him seem extremely moronic and idiotic and everything else. It's the only thing that's turning me off this story. The actual storyline is pretty good... Just Harry doesn't seem like Harry. I really don't think that Harry would not think like that, would let rage control him all the time. Maybe sometimes, but ... it seems like he's 10 or some age where intelligence comes slowly.

I still really like the story. It's just Harry is a little too angry it seems.

GryffindorDragon posted a comment on Sunday 16th September 2007 3:45am for An Evening On The Town

I hadn't quite noticed how Heather was dressed (at least it didn't come across as a tart to me); the question is, did she dress like that for Ron or for Harry? (or perhaps for neither but just to dress like that) Seeing as she's clearly going out with Ron this evening (she had never informed Harry had she; and Ginny was intentionally excluding Luna), it seems like her words to Harry are even more hypocritical. She's jealous of him being with Luna,so she 'tarts up' for Ron.
If it seems I've stopped liking Heather, it's because it's true. Harry has enough people in his life who aren't fully on his side (look at how Hermione pushed him away, and she's supposed to be the closest; and Ron, well, Ron appears to be only out for himself -- stuck in 4th year, is he?)
Interesting bit with Luna and the soul connection. Leading us on with who Harry's supposed to end up with? Or will it be more than one -- more love to give him more power?
So we (and Heather, too) see Ron's true colors, chasing after the skirts. I'll bet Heather is sorry she threw Harry over for Ron, even if she did it because she thought Harry threw her over for Luna. Or maybe she's just upset that she didn't get to drop him after she had her holiday fling. (Sorry for being too much on Harry's side :) )

Melferd posted a comment on Tuesday 11th September 2007 9:17am for An Evening On The Town

Frist off:

*throws confetti and ballons, more chapters, squee!!!***

Dear God, Poor Harry has his full angry-young-man-knickers in a big wad, doesn't he???
If he were in Texas we'd slap him on the back and say "Poor Bubba, you really don't know if you're riding or walkin, do ya?"
Of course, this being Texas, then we'd probably give him a bottle of Tequila and a fire arm, so it's hard to tell if he'd be better off.

**goes back to revel in the word-y more-ness****