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dennisud posted a comment on Tuesday 15th April 2008 9:52pm for Downside Up

Though We've seen IMHO too little of Luna Lovegood in this story, the few times we do she makes such a huge imapct on the story and Harry. Yes she seems more friend than love but still she can't ever be underestimated.

I also see things coming with Heather and her mom! Some connection to Sirius so we'll await that with baited breath.

Christina C. Keimig posted a comment on Sunday 9th September 2007 4:31am for Downside Up

Gotta love that Luna!
This chapter doesn't seem to have been changed much. I look forward to the rest as they come along. :-)

Clell65619 posted a comment on Saturday 1st September 2007 1:56pm for Downside Up

God I hate those unlinked Next buttons. You do good Luna.

razor_M posted a comment on Thursday 23rd August 2007 6:03am for Downside Up

C'mon, c'mon' c'mon!! your stories rule! Ya gotta update!!

razor_M posted a comment on Sunday 19th August 2007 4:46am for Downside Up

UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! This story kicks ass!!! Post another, my friend.
Tlease & Thanks

a_wanderer posted a comment on Saturday 18th August 2007 10:57am for Downside Up

Argh! I was reading along enjoying the ride when I slammed into the blank "next" button. Ouch!

Excellent story I look forward to reading more.

Patches posted a comment on Thursday 16th August 2007 9:34am for Downside Up

This is such a great story. I am sorry you don't feel as motivated to complete it as you would have if Deathly Hallows was not complete just yet. I would like to encourage you to finish this as AU. Don't think about DH as any more that a guide for ideas and just write the way you would have done. I'm sorry I haven't reviewed each chapter. I have been really busy of late. This is great. I love Luna. She is really special and has a way of making people see the real truth without beating them over the head like everyone else does. She really has always helped Harry see things that he might not have seen otherwise. I am so glad that Harry gave Dadalus Diggle the boot as his solisator. I really look forward to more of this story. Thank you for all your hard work putting this together. I can't write a story to save my neck but I am really enjoying yours. Thanks again pms

trailmix posted a comment on Tuesday 14th August 2007 10:49am for Downside Up

Quite a few changes in chapter 20. In the previous version I seem to recall Hermione’s debilitating health was kept from Harry instead of Dumbledore informing him early on. He promised to stop keeping things from Harry so it’s good he’s making good on his word. Though I’m curious to find out how this change will play out in the succeeding chapters since previously, Harry was quite angry about being kept in the dark.

The troll joke was a riot. Harry would probably have nightmares about Hermione finding out, if it turned out to be true. Lol. Dumbledore got him good.

I wasn’t around yet on the first incarnation of YoR so the Normandy scene is new to me. I’m glad you put it back. It gives me a little more insight to Dumbledore’s motivation. He is not a character that is easy to pin down or understand. More often than not I side with Harry’s claim that he’s only being used as a weapon mainly because of his manipulative tendencies.

I love your characterization of Luna and Oddment. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Great chemistry between Ron and Luna. She really gets Ron that’s why she has no reservations in teasing him. Their banter never fails to entertain.

timmerator posted a comment on Tuesday 14th August 2007 1:16am for Downside Up

I know I've read this before I just can't remember where... I don't believe I ever finished it though... if I remember right the club bit is kind of cool. Also Phineas redeems himself at least in my eyes. One question... How can she see the Bothy? :)

just wanted to say good work, looking forward to your updates.


Wonderbee31 posted a comment on Sunday 12th August 2007 10:19pm for Downside Up

Loved this part again, and almost felt sory for Diggle, he was trying to do right, but got overwhelmed, and will be looking forward to what wlse hapens to Harry and the others.

PJ posted a comment on Sunday 12th August 2007 1:05pm for Downside Up

when are you going to have Harry stop kow-towing to every one of Dumbledork's commands? If you aren't, please let me know so I can stop reading this.

Full_Pensieve replied:

"Dumbledork" pretty well states your opinion and expectations of a fanfic.  Stop reading this.


Mike [FP]

justblaise posted a comment on Sunday 12th August 2007 8:57am for Downside Up

Find a beta who's never read the first version of your story; it skips around in some parts

Full_Pensieve replied:

That's a more difficult request than you might think.  Decent betas are hard to come by, and most have multiple commitments.  I've looked for additional betas on occasion, and they've either declined or have given offers like one chapter per month.  Because of the length and complexity of this fic, it's impractical to use betas here and there, and at one chapter per month it would take almost three years to review just the completed material.

I looked at the formatting for Downside Up, and found that it was somewhat different than what I uploaded.  Diggle's letter looked like regular story text, which made the date of the letter look like a story marker.  Rather than have it seem as though the events were going from August 19 back to August 2, I pulled the letter date entirely and reset the indentation and italics to match the normal format for letters and dreams.  That should help reduce confusion in this particular instance.  Having found that formatting difference, I'm a little concerned about what else may read differently.  That's what I get for working in Word and then converting to HTML. 


Mike [FP]

patrick343 posted a comment on Sunday 12th August 2007 4:55am for Downside Up

thank you so much for updating. this story is so much more real than 6 and 7. please keep updating this is better than the books !

Crys posted a comment on Sunday 12th August 2007 3:22am for Downside Up

Harry really should've roasted AD about discussing the floo on his property without any input from him. Maybe the Order does have his safety in mind, but they really need to include him in the decision making.

Hmm. Clever idea for laundering deez money.

Gotta love Luna.