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potter169 posted a comment on Saturday 10th May 2014 1:27am for Intermezzo II: Found

tears, truly amazing story :(((

Full_Pensieve replied:

Thank you for the extensive series of reviews.  I admit to being very curious of your impressions of the remainder of this long-unfinished tale.  I took a big stab at trying to write a wrap up in 2013, and discovered how very difficult it is to pick up a story after several years' absence. 

It was made even more difficult by having the remainder of Ms. Rowling's canon in my head.  I did a quick re-read of Intermezzo II after noticing your reviews, and realized that I nailed the 'actual' Dumbledore's motivations - which HPYOR!Dumbledore goes on to repudiate (though as the story continues, the truthfulness of that remains in dispute).  HPYOR!Hermione almost gave canon!Snape's 'leading a pig to slaughter' speech, two years before it was in print.  Not sure it's really possible to go back and convincingly write horcrux-free!Harry and not-a-dark-lord!Dumbledore now.

The impact of canon on my Potter writing was really noticeable in the much darker (though capped by a long-delayed, hard-fought happy ending) HP and the Last Horcrux, which was written completely post-HBP and nearly all pre-DH.  Over the course of HBP, I lost my faith in canon!Dumbledore - sadly, never to be reclaimed. [Despite my canon loss of innocence and its effects on my view of the Potterverse, I'm more satisfied as a writer by Last Horcrux than by YoR.]

Again, thank you kindly for the reviews and for taking the time to read hundreds of thousands of words of my HP musings.

Take care,

Mike [FP] 

Minerva Granger posted a comment on Wednesday 31st October 2007 3:36pm for Intermezzo II: Found

What on earth is Niminy-Piminy, if you don't mind my asking?

Full_Pensieve replied:

Niminy-piminy means 'affectedly dainty or refined'.  It's a very obscure Victorian reference.  It actually entered the story as a challenge on the part of one of my betas at the time, who insisted I couldn't find a way to incorporate the word. ;-)


Mike [FP]

trailmix posted a comment on Sunday 23rd September 2007 2:16am for Intermezzo II: Found

The extent of the damage Voldemort has done to Hermione became clear in these chapters. It was sad to see the brilliant Hermione broken.

I love the different types of conversations she had with Dumbledore, with her Mum, Luna, and Harry. Each a step to recovery. The oath that Dumbledore took, what will that lead to? She was at odds with her mother before this but it’s clear her mother was trying to understand all that’s happening. It’s one of the most real and touching conversation I’ve read. Another good thing that came out of this ordeal is her friendship with Luna. Love that journal banter. Even in her dreams Harry saves her. I surely hope that was a shared dream.

No matter how many times I’ve read intermezzo, it never ceases to leave me in awe. So beautifully written.

GryffindorDragon posted a comment on Friday 21st September 2007 4:29am for Intermezzo II: Found

'you can’t chew on the end of a quill – well, not effectively at any rate' -- what about sugar quills?
The parallelism with Harry's letter is nice.
Good for Harry not to let her go.

Moon of Sorrow posted a comment on Tuesday 11th September 2007 6:21am for Intermezzo II: Found

Distinctly impressive story. Once I sat down and began to read the recent updates, I could not stop. I didn't want to stop even for my classes. I wholeheartedly congratulate you for the emotion you convey in your writing.

I eagerly await the next post.