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potter169 posted a comment on Friday 9th May 2014 7:27am for Into The Lion's Den

“Can’t leave off the money, Fred,” George chimed in. “Ron’s never had two Knuts to rub together. You’re rolling in Galleons, Harry.”


Fred put his arm around Harry’s shoulder. “Harry, you’re more than just a friend and business partner. You’re like the brother we never had.”

“Fred, we have four brothers,” George pointed out.

“Right, then – you’re like the brother we should have had,” Fred added. “Percy is a genuine wanker, Charlie’s never around, Bill’s all about the shagging lately, and Ron’s gone ‘round the twist.”



spit out my beverage reading those lines, such quality story, the twins always bring the laughs :P

Cassandra30 posted a comment on Monday 27th June 2011 11:40pm for Into The Lion's Den

Superb! Actually Harry was right to sign those papers. He has always had to take care of himself. He never has had an adult he trusted that cared about him including Dumbledore and McGonagall. Harry has been emotionally, mentally and physically abused by the Dursleys for over ten years. Then for another six summers.

Now admittedly he should have arranged for Wards to be around the Dursleys but then as he said thanks to Dudley he actually cares whether Petunia lives or not.

BloodRedJawz posted a comment on Thursday 9th July 2009 4:30am for Into The Lion's Den

this is way too much of a pussy!harry story for me to continue reading...

ROBERT_1958 posted a comment on Sunday 30th March 2008 11:10am for Into The Lion's Den

Why does Harry not move to one of the Potter homes?

Why does Harry listen to Dumbledore, after all the lies Dumbledore had told Harry?


TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Tuesday 12th June 2007 3:10am for Into The Lion's Den

Very good.


dexterz posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd May 2007 2:10am for Into The Lion's Den

what is it with everyone ordering harry around seems he grows a backbone one minute its there next minute its gone

MrRobertsIII posted a comment on Tuesday 17th April 2007 11:45pm for Into The Lion's Den

Liked Scrimgeour.

Ryu Son Goku posted a comment on Tuesday 17th April 2007 4:17am for Into The Lion's Den

This version does seem to flow better than the last version. Can't wait to get the rest of it. Looking forward to more chapters.