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noylj posted a comment on Saturday 4th April 2009 3:43pm for Potter Training

Please, don't make this a 45 chapter story before Harry finally realizes who he loves/cares for/lusts after. Please. It is all so silly.

dennisud posted a comment on Tuesday 15th April 2008 12:57am for Potter Training

So... Luna Ginny or Hermy!

Well why not ALL THREE !


The GRIM posted a comment on Friday 10th August 2007 12:04am for Potter Training

There appears to be a problem with this Chapter. Halfway through, it repeats part of the last chapter.

Full_Pensieve replied:

Thanks for the heads-up -- not sure what that's about, but I'll reload the text.  I wondered why the word count was so high.

Mike [FP]


TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Wednesday 13th June 2007 2:49am for Potter Training

Very good, but someone needs to explain about females to Harry.


brad posted a comment on Monday 11th June 2007 3:51pm for Potter Training

Is YoR Harry exceedingly more clever than his canon counterpart? In reading the books I know I've appreciated Hermione's wisdom and deductions on occasion, but don't remember Harry exhibiting similar prowess. Maybe his speeches to the DA crowd. Anyway, I enjoy his use of logic in YoR, he seems much more the equal of Hermione; one example being here - "Do you like making decisions without knowing all the facts". It's clever stuff. As Reums said later, he 'handled himself brilliantly'. Hermione's my favourite canon character, and really, if you press me, I'm not convinced that canon!Harry's worthy of her (he doesn't seem particularly powerful, nor intellectual, nor interested in Hermione's concerns; although I guess I'm not being fair, he stuck with her as a friend in HBP). But I *like* the Harry in YoR, and the idea of him and Hermione getting together is so much more attractive simply because they are more worthy of each other.

"But for some reason kept getting lost in the story. Each time that she began again, she seemd more confused" -- oh dear. Poor Hermione!

Hermione's story - "about a little girl who received a strange letter" - was a useful refresher to the whole novelty of the magical world, and placed the Granger parents' dilemma - should they let their only daughter remain in this dangerous place, so alien to them - in its proper setting.

Wonderbee31 posted a comment on Thursday 7th June 2007 9:38pm for Potter Training

Great part here, the way things went with Hermione and her parents, acting much like real parents would, a bit afraid, and excited for their child, looking forward to what happens at the Sunday dinner indeed.

Infin1x posted a comment on Thursday 7th June 2007 5:25pm for Potter Training

I think I need to go through this story and reread it two or three times because as I am reading I have this feeling that I am missing something vital to why people are acting the way they are and why everyone seems to have developed hair triggers on their tempers because right now I am just rather confused by this whole thing.

es posted a comment on Thursday 7th June 2007 2:29pm for Potter Training

hey I've got the perfect location for Hermionie's family. A lovely little town 'bout five to ten minutes outside Winchester, on the River Itchen, named Itchen Abbas. part suburb and part farming community, the kids were really mean to those who were different. Some really nice larger houses that would be perfect for her family, hell the one we rented had a freaking tennis court and a bomb shelter.

Evan Mayerle posted a comment on Thursday 7th June 2007 1:48pm for Potter Training

Ah, yes. All sorts of fun in this chapter. I do think the Grangers may see things a bit more clearly than Harry or Hermione. I suspect Mr. Granger, though, is behaving as dads everywhere do, seeing themeselves at that age in every guy their daughter's interested in, especially if hte interest is returned.

Definitely an interesting start here; one wodners what sorts of things Ron's been seeing.

Frank Hacklander posted a comment on Thursday 7th June 2007 8:05am for Potter Training

in its original incarnation, this was always one of my favorites tales. i must say, though, that what irritated me about it then and now is how hermione and harry danced around one another. entirely plausible and in keeping with the story (you do it oh so well by the way). still, i hope that you don't end up subscribing to jkr's canon pairings that, perhaps without meaning to, just underscore the proposition that "purebloodedness" is important even when the purebloods involved claim to believe otherwise (if the "hero" ends up w/ the pureblood, that is). apologies for that rant, since i think you have done a great job capturing much of harry's awkwardness and teenage befuddlement about his best friend.

Full_Pensieve replied:

Thank you for the review, Frank.  I want to respond thoughtfully here, because you've raised some very interesting points. 

I think it's important to put the idea of 'dancing around' in perspective.  The whole span of Part 1 of YoR the First (Chapters 1-19) took place in a week, during which Harry and Hermione had several major distractions to say the least.  After almost 400,000 words, YoR the First had only covered about 45 days, in which the protagonists were separated by over a thousand miles for 25 of those days. 

If one keeps with canon through the end of OotP, anything beyond friendship between Harry and Hermione is a significant paradigm shift.  One of the things I loathe in fanfics is the instant summer romance with characters who have known each other for quite some time.  There are a couple of plausible ways to write that, but they're rarely if ever followed.

As for following canon to underscore the importance of blood purity, that would cut rather sharply against the broader themes that ran through YoR the First and continue to run through YoR Redux.  hga (Harold), who is a regular on the FFA Forums and a reluctantly-sucked-in reader of YoR, has described the YoR-verse as a dystopia - someplace where the social order has effectively failed, an anti-utopia. 

There is a long and honored tradition of dystopic English literature, and I don't deny that I have drawn from that.  I do view the British wizarding world as described by Ms. Rowling to be a failure - HBP only solidified that for me.  Classism is a major theme in YoR and it generally plays in the negative. 

If I were to follow canon 'pairings' (of which H/G, Lupin/Tonks and Bill/Fleur are the only actual pairings, BTW; calling Ron's comforting hug at the end of HBP 'R/Hr' is a stretch without more context in DH), it would be despite bloodlines.

Harry and Hermione are the protagonists of Years of Rebellion - that's a certainty.  Beyond that, everything's up for grabs again. :-)


Mike [FP] 


Crys posted a comment on Thursday 7th June 2007 7:41am for Potter Training

> “She said ‘almost everyone’, and ran out of the common room.”
Hallelujah! The boy does have a clue. Even if he tries to rationalize it away later and re-enter the Land of Denial.
[more reading]
*sigh* Well, it was at least a a bright moment of clue-ed-ness.

> Each time that she began again, she seemed more confused.
Hmm. Okay, based on your response to my last review, what I assume it means, and this line, I think we can pinpoint when she fell for him. Or at least when most of her memory / focus was on him.

*growl* I hope Harry tells Shacklebolt the truth soon. Not like most of Shack's problems with Harry were actually Harry's fault. Not to mention Hermione's comment and Shack's probable assumption to it.

> Lupin sighed and shook his head. “If that’s how you see it…” he said.
It appears my hope was in vain. [Crys hands a clue-by-four to Remus.] Use it well, Remus.

Full_Pensieve replied:

"Clue-by-four"... R-O-T-F-L ! ! !

You have picked up on one tidbit, at any rate.  As odd as it is to quote myself, I offer an exchange from HP and the Last Horcrux that may be of value; I think it applies to any characterization of Hermione that is rooted in canon:

Harry put his hand on Hermione’s shoulder.  “Don’t you think –?” he began quietly.

“I think constantly, Harry,” Hermione said coldly.  “Please stay out of this.”


Mike [FP]

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Thursday 7th June 2007 6:47am for Potter Training

What in heck is Hermione (heck, the Grangers for that matter) playing at? If I didn't know any better, IU'd think they are trying to fix Hermione up with *Harry*.