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potter169 posted a comment on Friday 9th May 2014 1:46pm for Secrets Revealed And Guarded

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful, so much so that its brought tears to my eyes! This is without a question the best most touching HP fic I've ever read. HP that pushes everyone away is my favorite, yet everyone who cares about him won't have it, especially Hermione and Dumbledore, props to Dumbledore!

Also , the bond you've created between H and Hr, just incredible, I've never read anything so deep nearing the end of the chapter, love your Hermione, I wish I had a friend like her!

Muad'Dib posted a comment on Wednesday 12th September 2007 9:05am for Secrets Revealed And Guarded

Excellent story so far. I've had some bad luck with the stories I had chosen to read lately, but this one more than makes up for it. It's quite refreshing to read a well written story again. I applaud your attention to detail and flawless use of English.

One small thing though. Dumbledore shouldn't have been able to enter Grimmauld Place when Remus asked him to come over. As far as I understand it, Dobby had set secutiry to ban anyone other than Harry and Remus. Ignore this if you did in fact allow for this, it's late and I'm tired.

Great stuff though. I'll be sure to continue tomorrow!

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Wednesday 13th June 2007 12:06am for Secrets Revealed And Guarded

Good one, but Harry can't buy a break.


brad posted a comment on Monday 11th June 2007 3:11pm for Secrets Revealed And Guarded

I would have started reading the original YoR 3+ years ago, I guess, before I discovered my romantic side and my preference as to HP 'shipping'. Re-reading this now is an interesting experience ... I've either forgotten various little things, or my romance radar is just more sensitive. For example I loved the 'light of the half moon ...' paragraph. It leads nicely into the 'is this what best friends do?' thing later and the whole possibility of H/Hr. Too much of that would head the story into fluff-land, but just this smidgin of attraction at this early stage gets the reader thinking ... and looking for more! :-)

Looking at this chapter, the discussion between Harry and Hermione about her and Ron, Ginny's 'proposal', Ron/Lavender ... it reminds me that the kids *are* teenagers, and this is how people of that age might deal with the whole boy/girl thing. I'm certainly of the opinion that Hermione's reaction here to Ron and Lavender is more appropriate - and much more in character! - than her spending an entire year lusting after Keeper!Weasley, such as what occurred in a certain sixth book I could mention.

I have always loved that 'greater good problem' and Hermione's reaction. An excellent reminder of Harry's 'saving people thing', doubling up in reinforcing Hermione's concern for Harry.

reimanr06 posted a comment on Wednesday 6th June 2007 4:13pm for Secrets Revealed And Guarded

Wow. I remember when this story was first posted, several years ago. I think it was August. It still amazes me how incredible this fic is as a body of fiction. Though the characters themselves are for the most part not original, your quality of writing far surpasses that of Ms. Rowling. It is a testament to your skills and dedication as a writer. I am especially awed by your perserverence in continuing through your periodic illness. I hope everything is going well with you and your family. How's the nephew?

Now that I've verged on creepiness, I'll turn to a less personal note. I seem to remember that orginally, Harry's party was at the Burrow and Tonks was drunk in Mr. Weasley's shed, possibly on top of an old washing machine. I also remember there were two chapters, like 11 and 12, that were deleted, as they veered off from the current plot line quite considerably. Do you still have those? I'm somewhat interested to reread them, though it is by no means a crucial matter.

Thank you for the all of the wonderful hours you have given to us so far. May there be many more to come. Good luck to you, sir, my hat is off.

Full_Pensieve replied:

ROTFL!  You refer to the Chapters-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named!  [boo, hiss!] ;-)

The chapters to which Reiman refers were written in September of 2003, and removed within a day or two of posting.  They set the stage for a much more traditional H/Hr fic, which I quickly realized that I didn't want to write.  It didn't veer toward the soul-bond sort of fic (not my cup of tea *at all*), but I think the result would have been rather pedestrian.  A lot of readers won't and don't care for YoR - it's far from everyone's cup of tea - but I'm comfortable knowing that the story says what I wanted to say.

Thank you for the personal note, and no, I'm not creeped out - LOL.  I am in the best health I've had in more than five years, and able to maintain myself in fair condition on a long term basis through the use of appropriate medications and regular workouts prescribed by my physical and occupational therapists.  I have recovered the full use of both hands and am left with modest residual weakness in my right side limbs. The right side of my face is a bit rigid (more so at the end of the day), but it's not disfiguring; most people don't notice, or if they do, they think I've had Bell's palsy.   I have retained most of my faculties, but my physical and mental energy varies a fair bit from day to day.  All things considered, I can't be anything but grateful. 

My son - who was little more than a toddler when this all began - is now 7, and increasingly interested in having me write something for him to read.  The Nephew, who pushed me down this fanfic rabbit hole in the first place, graduates from high school tomorrow.  His girlfriend has become enamored with YoR, but thinks I'm rather daft for writing it and completely mad for continuing.


Mike [FP]

Prince Charon posted a comment on Wednesday 6th June 2007 1:17pm for Secrets Revealed And Guarded

Interesting. Harry sure gets dumped on a lot, doesn't he? Sadly in character, though, and very well written.

Thank you for the update.

More soon, please.

Evan Mayerle posted a comment on Wednesday 6th June 2007 11:49am for Secrets Revealed And Guarded

*wicked chuckle* I like this Hermione, very direct and sure of what she wants. Methinks a lot of the wizarding world is going to be very, very surprised by what an emancipated and wery well-off harry may do; those with their own agendas, Dumbles included, will likely not appreciate his fresh take on matters.

es posted a comment on Wednesday 6th June 2007 8:14am for Secrets Revealed And Guarded

Holy crap, I lived just outside of Winchester for a couple of years.

Full_Pensieve replied:

LOL!  There's an essay at the HP Lexicon that speculates on what parts of the UK the various students hail from.  They gave a persuasive argument for why Hermione might hail from Winchester, so I took it to heart.  In YoR the First, I had them in a very tony part of London, but there's a remark in canon that suggests they're farther from Kings Cross than the Dursleys.


Mike [FP]

warpwizard posted a comment on Wednesday 6th June 2007 8:04am for Secrets Revealed And Guarded

Ahhh, great stuff, lots of content.

Harry finally snaps in a believeable way.

I like the H/Hr interaction. It's not too perfect and in synch if you know what I mean.

Ron needs a swift kick to the sack.

What else can I say? WANT MOAR! :)

Crys posted a comment on Wednesday 6th June 2007 7:48am for Secrets Revealed And Guarded

Ron and his terminal foot-in-mouth disease . . .

Huh. Are you the originator of "Odd" Lovegood?

> “She said ‘almost everyone’, and ran out of the common room.”
*sigh* I suppose all teens are this clueless, but it's still infuriating.

This conversation ought to be "fun".

Looking forward to more.

Full_Pensieve replied:

Yes, I 'm pretty sure I was the first to use Oddment, or "Odd", for Mr. Lovegood's first name - came up with that in August, 2003.  Oddment was one of the four seemingly random words with which Dumbledore greeted Harry and the other students of Hogwarts in SS/PS.  It's one of a few unique things I came up with along the way, none of which probably seem unique after four years.


Mike [FP]

Andrew Niehaus posted a comment on Wednesday 6th June 2007 7:27am for Secrets Revealed And Guarded

I have the stronget feeling that Ron isn't Ron, rather somneone polyjuiced to look like Ron. Why else would he keep trying to take girls into the Forest?

Or maybe the Brain really fraked with his mind. Either way, he isn't himself.

Hurry up and update again, this is a great story!

Melferd posted a comment on Wednesday 6th June 2007 7:26am for Secrets Revealed And Guarded

Hee. Hermionepower!!! It's nice to see here take the bit so forcefully.

The only person I've ever seen to have more suck-able birthdays is Buffy. They should start a club.

Thanks for more, still missing the wordy.
BTW, we still get the attempt on Ginny, right?? Cause Ron in freefall, way too fun to miss!!

FenrisWolf posted a comment on Wednesday 6th June 2007 4:55am for Secrets Revealed And Guarded

When all else fails, threaten the teenage boy with the girl's parents -- who happen to be dentists -- and who own a copy of 'The Marathon Man', starring Laurence Olivier. Can't wait to see how the rest of this tightens up before the conclusion!

Wonderbee31 posted a comment on Wednesday 6th June 2007 4:52am for Secrets Revealed And Guarded

An impressive chapter here, and interesting the way things keep going for everyone. Ron is being an idiot to say the least, and Luna is more forgiving that I would imagine almost any girl, except my wife, adn that's just cause she maried me, LOL. Anyhoo, interesting the way things played out, and Mrs. Granfger appears to be warming to Harry some, but she has a long way to go, considering how her husband is, and wonder what else Dumbledore has up his sleeve, and what this act of rebellion will cost Harry.

Muggleborn Prince posted a comment on Wednesday 6th June 2007 4:47am for Secrets Revealed And Guarded

UPDATE PLEASE!!!!!!!!! I love this story.