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potter169 posted a comment on Friday 9th May 2014 6:31am for Strange Bedfellows

Brilliant story so far, love the pic of Tonks car at the end lol

sylvelle posted a comment on Monday 27th January 2014 2:19pm for Strange Bedfellows

The Isletta?? something like that. What happened to the 2nd trunk? Bothered me the first time I read this.


cdunphy posted a comment on Saturday 9th March 2013 5:45pm for Strange Bedfellows

wow thats a bmw... I have read this before so apparently I like it thanks for the effort


brodie1 posted a comment on Sunday 6th May 2012 6:36am for Strange Bedfellows

I have read both chapters and the one thing I am glad to see is the relationship between Dudley and Harry is positive. All to often it has be in the reverse. I am glad to see another side of Aunt Petunia as well. Asking for revenge is certainly different to harry always being referred to as a freak, or Lily being branded in a negative way. I like the story annd I look forward to the next chapter. Bye the way, \thank you for sharing. Regards......

mwinter posted a comment on Thursday 26th April 2012 8:16pm for Strange Bedfellows

MR. Beans Car!!!!!!!!

Cassandra30 posted a comment on Monday 27th June 2011 11:19pm for Strange Bedfellows

Excellent but did Tonks get the stuff out from underneath the floorboard? Where is Hedwig?

Chris Carter posted a comment on Friday 6th June 2008 6:39am for Strange Bedfellows

Just a little thing I noticed in this chapter:

Scrimgeour frowned. “Who’s Merlin, madam?” he said loudly. “I believe I’ve heard the name in some fanciful tale or another.

If I remember corretly Dumbledore has an order of Merlin first class, and I think in the 5th book they found an order of Merlin that belonged to one of Sirius' relatives, that he claimed they bought, which would establish Merlin as a real person in the wizarding world. It would seem odd for Scrimgeour to not have heard of him, or to know of him only as a fictional charater.

ROBERT_1958 posted a comment on Sunday 30th March 2008 8:57am for Strange Bedfellows

Good story so far.

Harry should have had his parants wills read wile he was at the bank.

Harry needs to check if anyone has stolen from him, if so get it back.

jb238 posted a comment on Thursday 9th August 2007 4:00am for Strange Bedfellows

Just to let you know there was a chapter 2 "Beware of Goblins". I assume this was dropped intentionally.

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Tuesday 12th June 2007 2:08am for Strange Bedfellows

Very good.


MrRobertsIII posted a comment on Tuesday 17th April 2007 11:14pm for Strange Bedfellows

I think I like your old version more.

While I haven't reread it recently, I believe your old one had more description in it. This chapter felt too bare.