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potter169 posted a comment on Friday 9th May 2014 7:25pm for Uncontrolled Descent

Words cannot express how I feel about this story, it shouldn't be hidden here on this website very few know about, this is truly the greatest story I've ever read, really, I'm speechless!

GryffindorDragon posted a comment on Friday 17th August 2007 4:12am for Uncontrolled Descent

After a couple of marvelously well-written chapters (Amelia's investigation was superb, and Harry's battle was noteworthy, as well), your portrayal of Fudge is truly subpar. You mentioned borrowing some things from HBP -- demoting Fudge should have been one of those. His continued opposition to Harry is certainly OOC, but doesn't appear reasonable (what is the rationale?)
Nice chase scene. Quite engrossing!

Crys posted a comment on Thursday 9th August 2007 4:24am for Uncontrolled Descent

The further I read, the more I think I have read this story. I remember Ron's insane jump, anyway.

Harry's an Earl, is he? *smirk* Oh, Aunt Petunia . . .

I somehow seem to have fallen several chapters behind. Need to catch up again.

Wonderbee31 posted a comment on Thursday 9th August 2007 3:08am for Uncontrolled Descent

Hmm, actually, it was nice to see a Rita that was trying to assist Harry a bit, and neat what Ron did, and with Fudge, here's hoping that he has shot himself in the foot one time too many.