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BrightMikal posted a comment on Wednesday 17th March 2010 10:11am for Untitled Chapter

Lovely! I envy you, to write such a poem/fic. I can never do decent ryhming.

It fits well though, with the cat in the hat. Great Work! :)

Killedbykarma posted a comment on Wednesday 7th May 2008 10:20am for Untitled Chapter

I said thinking it was quite a go.
Looking at how that rat prances.
All in all it was a wonderful show!

ALIJJ posted a comment on Monday 31st March 2008 6:04am for Untitled Chapter

Oh what utter briliance, I can't help but laugh at it, where did ya get the inspiration from. Other than the obvious of course.

smog2187 posted a comment on Monday 21st January 2008 7:43pm for Untitled Chapter

A very enjoyable twist to a classic. You must've spent a while on this one

sunrisesunset posted a comment on Tuesday 17th April 2007 3:42pm for Untitled Chapter

A poem?

At first I may have thought
"Oh, FP's getting lazy"
But after reading it...
Man, Mike sure is crazy!

A delightful, sugar-high romp through the world of Dr.Seuss on the back of a firebolt - I loved it! I'm amazed at your patience with sticking to the rhyming scheme all the way through; then again, that's somewhat of a prerequisite to spending any amount of time with little kids... especially little kids that like to cause havoc (that was redundant now that I think of it)

Keep this kind of creativity coming!

darthloki posted a comment on Thursday 15th March 2007 2:15pm for Untitled Chapter

*howls with laughter*

Cat Feral posted a comment on Tuesday 27th February 2007 3:07pm for Untitled Chapter

"Look at me!
Look at me now!" said the rat.
"I'll turn the ghoul to cake
and then an old hat!
A new garden rake!
Tabby cat with a fish!
Or a long wooden stake!

Hah-hah! I was half expecting the Tabby to suddenly turn into Minerva and give the Rat thirty-six different kinds of Hell!

You've flattened the kitchen!
You should beg for mercy!
What else could we expect
From a rat who liked Percy?

Love it!

Voldie and Harry ran about
With big bumps, jumps and yells
And Unforgivables
And all kinds of bad spells.
And I said,
"I do NOT like the way that they play!
If Mother could see this,
Oh, what would she say?"

Oh, I think we can make a few guesses...

This was fun!

Christina C. Keimig posted a comment on Wednesday 24th January 2007 1:50am for Untitled Chapter

Very cute. (I've a 6- and a 2-year-old myself).
I especially liked the shapes that were made with some of the stanzas. Very interesting.

hholidays posted a comment on Saturday 5th August 2006 12:33pm for Untitled Chapter

Er... too much time with three year olds. Although I must admit that anyone who can keep a rhyming pattern as long as you did has worked pretty hard on it.

Jinshun Wang posted a comment on Friday 31st March 2006 10:40am for Untitled Chapter

What a wonderfully whimsical piece. I love it!

Christina C. Keimig posted a comment on Thursday 15th December 2005 12:54pm for Untitled Chapter

Very cute! So much fun to read! I suppose it helps I'm a mom, too. Not to mention a Dr. Seuss addict of sorts (I learned to read with Seuss, as most of our generation did).

Patches posted a comment on Saturday 3rd December 2005 11:55am for Untitled Chapter

I really like Dr. Suess and I really like your poem. Thanks for writing.

Manatheron posted a comment on Tuesday 29th November 2005 4:04am for Untitled Chapter


Yup, FAR to much time with three-year-olds

Funny though

Jamie46 posted a comment on Sunday 27th November 2005 10:47pm for Untitled Chapter

rofl. :) highly entertaining. That must have taken you a bit to think of; your rhymes were clever and your meter was good, so good job. :) I'm off to read something else. ;)

Lesley posted a comment on Saturday 26th November 2005 2:22am for Untitled Chapter

Very good, the pace drew me through at a terrible rate and then ending made me laugh